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Have you ever thought about the question: What would you do if you had the power of God? Supernatural, miracle-working power at your fingertips?

Maybe you'd try to impress people. You could show up at your date's house without a car and just fly her around the city in your arms like Superman.

Men, that might earn some brownie points with your wife.

Or you could flick your finger and "bam" all the dishes are washed. Your wife really would believe a miracle had occurred.

If you had divine power, you could make your friends rich and your enemies charcoal.

Imagine someone mouths off to you, you could just zap them on the spot.

Someone pulls out in front of you on the road and you could just incinerate their car with fire and brimstone.

These are probably good reasons why God doesn't give us this kind of miracle-wielding power.

But He did give Jesus this power.

In today's passage we come to Christ's final miracle of His earthly ministry in Mark's gospel.

And we're somewhat shocked. It looks more like the kind of selfish miracle we might perform with divine power.

Jesus uses His last miracle to zap a fig tree that didn't give Him breakfast. His last miracle is His only destructive miracle.

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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