This year our theme as a church has been Growing in Grace. This morning we’re going to look at how you can grow by trusting. Unfortunately instead of trusting God, we often find ourselves becoming afraid.

People are afraid of the dark, afraid of water, afraid of enclosed spaces. I had a bad childhood experience involving a game of hide and seek, being underneath a bean bag and having a brother on top of the bean bag. Ever since I’ve been claustrophobic. 

Some people are afraid of heights. Yesterday Karis asked me if I’d been skydiving. When I said, “No.” She said “Well, Tessa says you have.” A few seconds later Tessa popped in my office. “Dad, you told me when you were a little kid you went skydiving. That you jumped of the big diving board at the Y.” I said, “Yes, I’ve jumped off the high dive. But I’ve not done a sky dive." 

As Christians, how do we deal with these fears that we’re plagued with in a sin-cursed earth? The biblical solution is to grow by trusting. 

AuthorDavid Luttrull