With all the things to do, all the places to go, all the stress and busyness, it’s easy to lose sight of the very essence, the meaning of Christmas. And it’s not just angels or shepherds or a manger. We are not going to look at the Christmas story itself. We’re going to look at what it means. Our focus is not on describing the events that happened, but in seeing what the Bible says the events meant.

It’s easy to spend Christmas focusing on the nostalgia, the warm feelings, the memories of years gone by, the great time with family, or the sheer dread of your dysfunctional family and how you’re going to make it through all this. And miss the meaning. We can even get caught up in the presents and pageants, the shepherds and stable and miss the meaning.

What does Christmas mean for us? You see the first verses of 1 John explain the theology of Christmas. Here in 1 John 1 as well as John 1, we have a description of the doctrine of Christmas: the Incarnation. That God took on human flesh, became human.

AuthorDavid Luttrull