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The first time I visited NYC was in 1991 with my family. We stayed with my aunt Debbie who lived in the city. And each day we'd put on our tennis shoes and she'd take us on the subway and give us tours all over the city. Now on the day that we went to see the World Trade Towers, as we were looking up admiring their architectural wonder, imagine what we would have thought if Debbie had said, "Don't be too impressed. In a few years from now they are going to be destroyed. This city block will just be a gaping crater of rubble."

How do you think we would have reacted? "Uhh, what!? Are you crazy? Are you a medium? Are you a terrorist? And if we thought she was a credible source, what would we have asked? When's it going to happen? What signs can we expect that it's about to happen? This is a very close analogy to what happens with Jesus at the beginning of our passage (verses 1-4).

There are two problems Christians have when thinking about the end times. Some only think about the end. They're fascinated with eschatology. They're obsessed with prophecy. Others never think about the end. They're indifferent. They're apathetic.

Jesus corrects both wrong attitudes in this Olivet Discourse. Chapter 13 is Christ's roadmap for the future, but it's not a heavenly horoscope. We'll see that God gives us signs about the end, but He doesn't give the exact time.

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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