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It seemed like a simple email. I was in my first year in grad school. Karie had just one semester left to complete her degree, and we would be married in December. At this point I didn't realize I'd be staying for a second masters degree, a master of infinity. So we were thinking we might look for a job that May.

And every week I'd get a mass email from the office of Career Services telling me about recruiters who would be on campus interviewing for different jobs. And one day I saw what looked like some interesting positions. So I decided to forward the email to Karie. I typed, "Hey Babe, want to meet at the Student Center to check this out? Love, Josh."

But to my horror, I saw that instead of forwarding the email to Karie, I had replied to secretary. A few minutes later I got a second email from a middle-aged woman in Career Services informing me that she was happily married and didn't appreciate students calling her "Hey, Babe!"

Now I was mortified. I replied again (this time on purpose) and said things were not what they seem. I too was about to be happily married. I was not trying to seduce her into a rendezvous in the Student Center, I merely pressed "reply" instead of "forward." It was an accident. I meant to email my fiancée. I hoped she understood.

I didn't hear back from her. But I hope she wasn't offended. And I really hope her husband wasn't waiting for me in the Student Center. Things were not as they seemed.

And same thing is true in this passage. Things are not as they seem, on the surface level. There's more than meets the eye.

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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