Tuesday afternoon, I was in traffic, and I noticed a bumper sticker on the Jeep Liberty in front of me. It looked like something from the 60s with flowers and psychedelic colors. This is what it said: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix.

Maybe that even sounds like good advice.

We've all seen the love of power.

Look at Wall Street or Washington.

We've seen relationships ruined and dictators spawned and wars fought for the love of power.

But we've also seen the power of love.

We've seen relationships mended and nations healed and battles ended because of the power of love.

So is Hendrix right?

Well as Christians, we know that humans are twisted and depraved. And though we have a great capacity for love (because we bear God's image), we also have a great capacity for evil (because of the Fall).

The power of human love will not be enough to bring world peace.

It wasn't even enough to bring Jimi personal peace. He died in his late 20s after overdosing on drugs.

What Jimi and many misunderstand is that they think "Love is God."

When 1 John shows us they have it backwards. "No, God is love."

And the God of love sent His Son in love to die for us.

And that's what we've been studying-- the life of Jesus Christ, in this good news, the Gospel according to Mark.

Jesus not only fulfills "the power of love" half of Hendrix's statement.

But in this passage, Jesus is going to also address the "love of power." Jesus answers the question "How can we be great in God's eyes."

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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