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We say the only two things certain in life are death and taxes, but there's a clear connection between politics and taxes. Without taxes we wouldn't have politics. It takes tax dollars for government to function.

Recently we've seen Americans outraged over taxes and government spending. They've protested in the tea parties and demonstrations across America- from hometowns to Washington. We've seen people of all ages wearing placards like this:

Many Christians are concerned about government's misusing our tax dollars. But some Christians have gone so far as to advocate tax evasion.

And so we ask ourselves, "How should Christians respond to government? How should Christians respond to taxes?"

In this passage, we see what Jesus says about taxes and politics.

Remember this is the Passion week. It's Tuesday. Jesus will be betrayed and unjustly tried Thursday night and crucified on Friday.

He is standing in the Temple. His enemies, the Jewish religious leaders, are trying to trap Him with a series of questions, so He will lose popularity with the crowds, or better yet from their perspective, even lose His life to the Romans.

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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