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Jesus is about to heal a blind man. Does this sound at all familiar? This is the second blind man healed. The first one was a couple chapters ago, in chapter eight, at Bethsaida.

You see the healings of these two blind men serve as bookends. And in between we have Jesus' 3 major predictions of his death and resurrection and His teaching on the nature of true discipleship.


This section also has shown us over and over again how spiritually blind the disciples are. How they completely misunderstand the nature of Christ's kingdom.

  • They want to be first. But in Christ's kingdom, they must be last.
  • They want to be great, but they must become the least.
  • They want to be important big shots, but they must become insignificant children.
  • They want to live for themselves, but they must die to their selfishness.
  • They want to be kings, but they must become servants.

So all these examples of spiritual blindness are bookended with two stories of men who were physically blind.

Man's natural condition is spiritual blindness, just like the plight of poor Bartimaeus. And that's discouraging.

But the wonderful thing is that no matter how blind we are, Jesus can open our eyes. He can give us the ability to see clearly-to see the world the way it really is.

This passage gives reasons why you should be encouraged to see.

AuthorPastor Josh Crockett
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