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Our theme for 2014 is Growing in Grace. We are studying the message of grace and its profound impact on our lives. We need God's grace not only for salvation, but also to be sanctified more into the image of Christ. It's our desire that as you become a part of the Grace family, you will find yourself growing in grace!


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9:30 am - LifeGroups | Sunday School (all ages)
10:30 am - Morning Worship (Adults) | Kidstown
6:00 pm - Family Service (all ages)


7:00pm - Prayer Meeting (Adults) | Young Adults | Ignite Youth (7th-12th) | Kids4Truth (2 yrs-6th)

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News | Events

News and Events
Leadership Seminar

Next Sunday, we are excited to have national leadership speaker and author, Dr. Matt Williams, with us all day at Grace Baptist Church. 

Annual Business Meeting

At tonight's annual business meeting, Grace Baptist Church voted to adopt a new fiscal year budget and voted overwhelmingly to re-elect current officers and welcome four new deacons.

New Outreach Pastor

On September 14, 2014, Grace Baptist Church recognized God's calling John Turner to come as our new Outreach Pastor with a 98% vote! 

Young Adults Open Gym Volleyball

Tomorrow, Saturday August 30, from 4-7 pm young adults are invited to a volleyball scrimmage in the Indiana Christian Academy gym (adjacent to the church. 

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided. 

From the Pulpit

From the Pulpit
Truth That Brings Peace

After a very long and boring sermon the church members filed out of the auditorium saying nothing to the preacher. Until someone at the end of the line said, "Pastor, your today sermon reminded me of the peace and love of God!" 

Where is God in Our Tragedy?

This sermon was preached for a 9/11 Sunday service honoring firefighters and emergency responders on Sept. 11, 2011: When a tragedy hits, especially a tragedy on the scale of 9/11, what's one of the first questions people ask, "Where was God at the World Trade Towers?"


Sorrow Turned to Joy

Every person in this room this morning struggles with certain emotions. Why? Because you’re a person, because you’re human. We don’t all act out our emotions the same way. A husband once said to his way, "When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control...

The Spirit of Truth

This morning we’re going to see that the Holy Spirit plays another role—He is the Spirit of Truth (v. 13). We live in a world full of deception, deceit, propaganda and lies. I heard the story of Jorge Rodriguez was a Mexican bank robber who operated along the Texas border in the late 1800s. He was so successful the Texas Rangers assigned an extra posse to the Rio Grande to stop him...