Find your place at Grace

One of the primary ways we grow in grace is by becoming committed and active in a local church. That's why our theme is Find Your Place at Grace. At salvation each one of us is given at least one spiritual gift that we can contribute as members of the body of Christ. By working together we show the world God's glory through our unity in diversity. We hope you will find your place at Grace!


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9:30 am - LifeGroups | Sunday School
10:30 am - Morning Worship
5:45 pm - AWANA (2yrs - 6th Grade)
6:00 pm - Evening Worship


7:00pm - Prayer Meeting (Adults) | Ignite Youth (7th-12th) | KidsTown (2 yrs-6th)

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News | Events

News and Events
Marriage & Family Conference

This year we are having a special Marriage & Family Conference here at the church from Friday, April 5 - Sunday, April 7. The conference will begin on Friday evening at 6pm with a special….

Friend Day

We are having a special service on Sunday, April 14 at 10:30am to celebrate friendships. Please join us as our special guest! We hope to see you then.

Good Friday

Friday evening, April 19, at 7pm, we will have a Good Friday service. We will be reflecting on the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and partaking of the Lord’s….

Easter Sunday

On Sunday, April 21, we will begin our Easter Celebration with our traditional SONrise Service at 7:30am. Immediately following the SONrise Service we will have an Easter breakfast….

Mother Daughter Banquet

We are having a Mother-Daughter Banquet on Saturday, May 11, at 10am. If you don't have a daughter or a mother to bring with you, adopt a daughter or mother from the church….

From the Pulpit

From the Pulpit
Living Apart from God

What happens when you have to go without something you love? Could you survive a month without your phone? The Internet? Your family? In our passage from 1 Samuel, we’ll see what happens…

What to Do in Times of Need

Have you ever found yourself in a hopeless situation? You saw a light at the end of the tunnel – and then realized it was a train. In the closing words of the book of James, we find a prescription for what…

A Wrong View of God

What is your view of God? A benevolent Father who dotes on His children? A malicious judge who’s always trying to find your faults? One of the common views of God is God as a genie – just rub…

The Problem with Our Own Understanding

Have you ever done something that seemed right at the time, but later turned out to be a huge mistake? In 1 Samuel 27, we see David in a similar situation. Allowing his fear of Saul to overcome his…

Living as a Heavenly Citizen

What does it mean to be an American citizen? I imagine if we asked this question on the street, we’d find a variety of answers. For some, being an American citizen means the ability to vote for…